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Hand Crafted Scale Miniature Wedding and Specialty Cakes

In the Gallery you will see Wedding and Specialty Cakes that are available.
These cakes use construction and decorating techniques similar to those used in life-size cakes.
Each cake is hand-decorated and no molds are used. Due to the nature of hand-crafted miniatures there will be some slight variation in colour, design or finished size therefore every item will be unique One-of-a-Kind and not an exact duplicate. Every attempt will be made to make your ‘Ideal Cake’.
Each cake is attractively packaged suitable for gift-giving.
If you would like something different contact me privately.
Diameter and number of tiers, design, and colours can be varied for custom orders.

I hope you enjoy viewing my cakes, Carolyn

Turnings in Miniature

Beautifully turned wood vases, goblets, platters, bowls, candlesticks and lidded containers. We try to find specimens that have unusual grain and colour that give depth to miniature wood turnings. A variety of techniques and finishes are used to enhance the beauty of each piece.
Customer work is available. We have a variety of beautiful woods and colours of Corian. Contact me for special orders.

Thank you for viewing my turnings, Robin

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